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A photo of a black and tan Chihuahua in the woods at Brook Run Dog Camp in Bolton, Vermont. He's facing the camera and wearing a harness.

Welcome to Brook Run Dog Camp

Training • Boarding • Daycare • Camp • Dog Park • Dog Pool
A little bit of doggy paradise in Bolton, Vermont

Welcome to Brook Run Dog Camp. We are a dog training center with an emphasis on your dog's emotional well-being. We use Training Between the Ears methods developed by Mark & Stephanie McCabe. We are a food reward-based program, and we are constantly providing your dog with emotional support. 

With over an acre of fenced in area, we provide friendly dogs the privilege of romping, playing and exploring the outdoors, off-leash, in a pack setting.  

Dog camp is a privilege and not all dogs are suitable for camp. Our screening process allows us to be very selective about the dogs that we introduce to the pack. This helps in ensuring we are selecting dogs that are ready for camp, while keeping everyone happy and safe. All camp dogs are weekly visitors. See our services menu for more information. 


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