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For puppies up to 3 years of age

We Want Your Pup Learning!

Brook Run Dog Camp offers a very personal puppy program tailored to each individual pup's behavioral needs.


Our day is structured around supporting puppies during play, socialization, relaxation and obedience. Pups are always supervised and guided throughout the entire day. 

We are a food reward based program using positive reinforcement while utilizing Training Between the Ears Methods. We focus on supporting each dog's emotional needs one-on-one as well as in a pack setting. We are rewarding all of the behavior we like to see with food. Unwanted behavior will be ignored as often as possible allowing your pup to be in free behavior as often as possible. The behavior we want to see will be achieved through free shaping, resulting in a pup who, more often than not, will chose the behavior that gets them a reward. 

Our program was developed with the idea of supporting both dog and owner throughout the puppy stages, helping pups to become better listeners, make new dog friends and feel confident and optimistic in their surroundings. Each pup is at a different stage in learning as well as level of confidence within a pack setting. There is much to learn at camp and your pup will come home happy and tired.  

We do ask that your pup is crate trained. There will be a trial period to see if your pup is ready for camp. Space is limited. Fill out our application so we can review and see if your pup is a candidate for camp!


COST: $60 per day

Hours: 8am-4pm


Early drop offs - $5/15 minutes before 8am. (Prior arrangements must be made.)

Late pick ups - Anything after 4pm is $5/15 minutes.



If your pup is not ready for our program then let's work on some one-on-one training and melt away some of the challenging behaviors you might be up against. We want your puppy feeling safe, happy and willing to learn!

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