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Dog Camp is a program for friendly dogs.  Camp is an alternative to your typical dog daycare in that we keep our pack very small, allowing more one-on-one engagement and a less stressful experience for our dogs.  We use food all day long to support each dog's emotional state, helping them make better choices while both playing and relaxing.  This is not a free for all camp, we are very structured in order to create a safe, peaceful environment.  Dogs are here to work for food. We practice Training Between the Ears methods at camp and use food therapeutically. 


At dog camp your dog will spend their day interacting in a pack setting. We spend time inside and outside,  engaging in play time, learning to relax together, practicing recalls, we manage all outdoor playtime in our fenced in yard(s), utilizing the agility equipment and dog pool during warmer months, 


We pride ourselves on our professional yet fun approach, and do everything necessary to ensure your dog is safe, secure and happy. 

Please fill out an application to see if your dog is a candidate for dog camp!



$55 per day 


Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm


We are not a drop-in daycare setting, this is for dogs that return on a weekly basis. 

Late Fee: $5 every 15 minutes.

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